Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Theme Is Everything

At Chets the theme defines the year. Evidence is everywhere you look, in our communications and serves to focus us around a single purpose. It is highly anticipated and top secret until the reveal at the end of the year. Each year I have people guessing or trying to trick me into telling them. Today I got my first theme suggestion for the year. :) Thoughtful, creative meaningful. You never know...


Anonymous said...

You did read my email!


From I'm not sayin' a word!

Anonymous said...

It was probably one of those "primary people" that spend their days thinking about things like decorations and such :-}



Lourdes said...

Don't commit yet; I have an idea of my own. I was waiting until later in the year to share, but it seems I have a match to meet. So, I'm not the only crazy one out there. Don't share the theme, but please share the source. BTW, don't knock the "primary people". I think it's just a night owl, like me, who has a hard time shutting the brain down.