Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Kingdom's Gone Blog Crazy!

OK - I set my blog up this summer with the help of my most tech savvy friend Melanie but until today have yet to post. I just wasn't sure what in the world I would have to post about. I already feel like I talk too much anyway - that just seems to go with the job. But... I promised my friend Melanie that I would get my first post done today so I have quit procrastinating, cut open the huge bag of Halloween candy at my house, picked out my favorite chocolates (for nourishment of course) and have tied myself to the chair to start. I'd better hurry though since technically today will be over in a little less than an hour.

At Chets this year we have created a Magical Kingdom and encouraged our teachers and children to dream, believe, dare and DO! That isn't very hard at a school like mine, I am blessed with the most incredible 1215 little souls who walk through the doors each day dreaming big, believing in themselves, daring to learn anything we throw at them and doing the most extraordinary things - they certainly produce the finest results I've seen to date. This same mantra is realized in a plethora of ways by my equally talented faculty. Case in point - Blogging!

Melanie shared her dream of teachers blogging about the incredible things happening in their classrooms, she believed in us, dared us all to try it and DO it they have. At last count I think there are over 25 teachers blogging regularly about their work with children and what they are learning or studying as professionals. Shoot - we even have the kids hooked on it, my own ten year old has a blog and posts regularly. I can't imagine where this great group will take this initiative next.

My goal for the year with this blog will be to share the stories of dreams that began here at Chets and how they have taken on a lives of their own that are destined to profoundly touch the children and community we serve. This special place is full of Dreamers, Believers, Dare-Devils and Doers - it is sure to be the most magical year yet!

I was reminded again today of how truly precious life is and how we haven't a moment to waste on this journey. I am glad that I will be able to share a little about what makes our school such a special place. Maybe my experiences will touch or encourage you in some way to seize every opportunity to dream big, believe wholeheartedly, and dare to DO!

Believing is just the beginning...