Friday, March 4, 2011

Barnyard Book Bonanza BINGO

This year we have totally revamped our Readers to Leaders Million Word Reading Campaign and I really think the changes have been very motivating for our students. Everyone who met the second goal at the end of our last quarter got to participate in our first ever Barnyard Book Bonanza BINGO! In 45 minutes we were able to play enough rounds of picture bingo for Kindergarten and First Grade that every student was a winner and for the older grades over half of the students won at traditional bingo. I also made sure everyone left with a little something (reading sticker, pencil or bookmark). For bingo winners our Media Specialist, KK Cherney, outdid herself - students were able to pick from mountains of books and other prizes. I have to say the event was one of the most exciting times I've had celebrating with our students. I'm so proud of all my readers and they can't wait to participate in our next celebration. Rumor is it has something to do with a picnic under the pavilion with popsicles and a PIG that needs a kiss from the principal. Oink!