Friday, May 30, 2008

American Haiku

I have totally enjoyed reading the six-word memoirs submitted by our colleagues so far. If you haven't had a chance to craft yours yet it is not too late! Here are some samples of this so called "American Haiku"!

Making a difference - leaving a legacy. -dayle

I've experienced learning, modeling, consoling, laughing... -KMorris

I have sung and hauled equipment. -dt

Realized my purpose, found true love. -sherrie anderson

Cherish yesterday, Live today, Dream tomorrow..... - Katie S.

I have grown, inspired, learned, and loved. -Lori M.

I've laughed, cried, sweat, learned, loved. - jenny nash

Paths diverged in a yellow wood... -T-Cubed (Tom Ruark)

Experienced grace, recieved gifts, given myself. -melanie holtsman

I have found my true calling!(And I will be back, promise!) -Elizabeth Conte

Daily rewards come in small packages. :) -brooke brown

Believe in all the young souls -christy constande

growth, learning, hectic, organization, love, and most recently...accidents! -julia

listened,watched,laughed,loved, flexibility, inspired -deb s

Realized I can make a difference. -melissa ross

Prayer, faith, hope, love, passion, joy! -teach to learn (Toni Chant)

I'd love to hear the six-word memoir of your teaching life!

Believing is just the beginning...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Six Word Mini Memior

I have laughed, imagined, loved, believed!

If you were writing a six-word mini-memoir of your teaching life, what would your six words be? They might be funny, inspirational, profound, mundane or deeply true. Comment back with your six!

Believing is just the beginning...

Friday, May 16, 2008

So Much To BRAG About!!!!

Wow! What a year for having big dreams realized. So far we have had many meet success and be recognized outside our walls for their accomplishments. We should be proud of each and every one of these and use them as points of pride when we talk about our school! Here's just a few headlines to brag about:

CCE PTA Named Large PTA for Duval County - Fourth Year in a Row!!!!!

For an unbelieveable fourth year in a row our PTA was crowned Duval County PTA of the Year for large elementary school (750+ enrollment). I am quite certain this has never been done before and was a fitting tribute to the incredible work for families and children that transpires through the dedication of this extraordinary group. In addition, our history scrapbook won for the second year in a row and we left the luncheon with over 20 awards highlighting their outstanding work, including both of the top awards for membership!

CCE Student Earns Award of Merit in the State's PTA Reflections Contest!

One of our fourth graders was recognized recently for her visual arts entry at the May meeting of the Duval County School Board. Not only was her piece a winner in our county but was chosen to receive the Award of Merit from the Florida PTA. Her piece is on display at the captial!

CCE Student Places Fourth in District's Sunshine Math Competition!

One of our second graders won first place in our school's second grade competition and then placed fourth in the district's Sunshine Math Competition!

CCE Student's Artwork Chosen for Duval County Public School's Best of Elementary Art Exhibition 2008

A record 30 students had their pieces chosen out of 800 entries from the Elementary Library Show for display in the Best of Elementary show this year. These students were representative of every grade level and a variety of mediums. A special congratulations to Jennifer Snead, Kristy Sappington and Hallie Spooner, our art educators extraordinare, for allowing students the opportunities to explore the creative side of life!

CCE Teacher Named Math Educator of the Year by DEMC!

Angela Phillips, a fifth grade teacher and Math Coach, was chosen this week as the Elementary Math Educator of the Year by the Duval Elementary Math Council. Angela won this distinction by standing out amoung over 30 entries and is certainly deserved of this honor. She takes over this title from another CCE teacher and coach, Rick Pinchot, who was awarded the honor last year!

CCE Extended Day Employee Chosen as America's Next Top Model!

Even though this isn't an educational accomplishment it certainly is a testament to how pursuing one's dreams can pay off BIG TIME! Whitney Thompson, who has been working in Extended Day the past few months, was named America's Next Top Model Wednesday evening. Whitney is indeed a beauty, both inside as well as out, and even though we tried to keep her participation in the competition a secret from the kids, they figured it out and were excited and rooting for her.

Believing is just the beginning...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Chets Creek Walks for the Cure!!!!!

Congratulations to the scores of Chets Creek family members who came out and supported our Relay for Life effort. We raised approximately $3000.00 to help in the fight to find for the cure for Cancer. Here's a look into this special night full of fun, laughter and fellowship.

Believing is just the beginning...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Relay for Life - Chets Creek Walks for the Cure

Stay tuned for blog post and slide show after the big event!!!

Believing is just the beginning...