Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Exercise In Frustration

I was so excited about my plan for professional learning today. I had read, studied, planned, planned some more and then fell short in delivery. I had a great activity planned for a fantastic audience and only was able to accomplish half of what I NEEDED to because I was rushed. Time is such an issue. I'm sure the audience left just as frustrated as me. We need more time in our classrooms and out of them in professional development. Time to talk and think and work together. Time.


dayle timmons said...

You are too hard of yourself. I think we all got a lot out of today but I agree with what you are saying about needing more time. The loss of Resources, common planning and lunch to catch up with teaching partners and with the addition of RtI meetings and the resulting paperwork, the time to really think with your colleagues seems non-existent. In a year when so much has changed, e.g., the Common Core, we so need the extra time... Can we put more hours in the day?

Anonymous said...

I can only echo the Queen's thoughts...time spent working together is the glue that binds us.