Friday, February 8, 2008

There is NO Place Like Home!

I am soooooo glad to be back at home with my school family. We had a great time last week in Hollywood, CA and sure learned alot at the America's Choice National Conference but being back this week sure has been comforting. I have loved all the smiles from the kids and conversations to catch up with you. There are so many wonderful things happening around the Creek right now. The Happy Birthday standards based bulletin boards school wide are exceptional. The writing coming out of fourth grade is on the mark - I see lots of 6s in our future! Kindergarteners are beginning to read and write stories like fiends. Second graders are creating iMovies in Media. The whole student body is "moving it" to Radio Disney. The list goes on and on. There is a never a dull moment here - thank goodness! The excitement of Imagineers and Dreamers engaged and learning is better than any red carpet primiere could ever hope to be. Stars of stage and screen - eat your heart out - the stars inside this school will outperform and outshine you everytime!

Believing is just the beginning...

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Sherrie Anderson said...

I have never felt like I belong anywhere like I feel here at Chets. There really is NO Place Like Home!! Thank you for all you do for us!!