Friday, February 15, 2008

Flip out over technology

Do you know what a "flip" is? The flip video camcorder is one of the newest tools transforming classroom instruction. It is a small camcorder that fits in your pocket and can record 30-60 minutes of quality video to be instantly uploaded through a usb port on your classroom computer. It is so easy a student can do it on their own.

Imagine the possibilities....record a student reading aloud, readers' theatre, poetry reading, share chair in writing, mini lessons, math strategy demonstrations, science experiments....just about anything! Have students do a news report about their field trip or class activity. Check out this video taken by a fifth grader ( I just happen to have a fifth grader I know) at the Jacksonville Zoo this week.

With a little extra time, students can use the software to edit, add music and make the video personalized. All at the low cost of $100 to $150! I'll bet the kids would flip over this technology!

Believing is just the beginning....


Jen S. said...

this is REALLY cool. What a great way to show how to teach and set up a lesson, as well as how students work through the process!

Suzanne said...

I love this! I can't wait to get one!

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan and Others,

The Flip is really cool. Earlier this year, some of Kristin's kids filmed a science lab covering erosion. It was really cool to hear the unscripted narrator say exactly what was going on. Her words sounded just like the district expected outcomes! Proof positive that the kids had learned what they needed to. (At least the film maker did!)


Miss Young said...

I asked 'Santa' for the Flip Video and have had such fun using it! I recently posted some students explaining math strategies and Miss Russell teaching a review lesson on a strategy.
The Flip video is a great resource, fun to use, and quite inexpensive!
-Beth Young

Timmonte Learning Leaders said...

Any possibility that we could get one for the school to share?

:-) Elizabeth