Friday, February 1, 2008

LIVE from the Creek!

WOW! What a week we have had so far in Hollywood. Our virtual tour went off yesterday without a hitch - even the live video feed from Chets featuring a lesson by our own Maria Mallon. The film we premiered will be uploaded to youtube and will be up on the blog soon! Debby Cothern and Michelle Ellis did a beautiful job of showcasing how we have transformed standards based bulletin boards over time into powerful teaching and learning tools. I delivered a mini session on our work with book of the month. Both our presentations can be found on the LIVE blog. Suzanne Shall and Melanie Holtsman shared all the technology that is being utilized in your classrooms. I will sit on a panel discussion today with alumni schools and we look forward to presentations by Angela Phillips and Rick Pinchot today - I hear Melanie is planning to ustream the session - which means it'll be up on the blog soon too! Debbie Harbour presents this afternoon. Melissa Ross delivers her session tomorrow and then we round out the conference by ending with a bang - dayle timmons delivers the closing keynote address! If you haven't checked out the LIVE from the Creek blog yet make it a point to do so today - it'll be just like you are with us - except you aren't fighting the time change!

Believing is just the beginning...


T-Cubed said...


With a crew like that, there is no way that people will be able to ignore the messages they bring. I know it's hard work for you guys, and I hope that audiences have been open-minded. What am I saying, your in California, open-mindedness won't be a problem, understanding English...?

If you see the Gov. , please tell him that if he keeps working out, one day he may look like me :-}

Anyway, enjoy what's left, and I hope you can sleep on a plane.


Sherrie Anderson said...

I am so proud to be a part of this group. Way to go!!