Friday, February 29, 2008

Commitment and Passion!

As we quickly approach FCAT week I want to pause for a moment and take a realistic view of how this very important, mandatory state assessment fits into the overall philosophy of our learning community. The FCAT results dictate our school grade and we have performed extremely well, always scoring among the top elementary schools in the state. We are, of course, very proud of this because it is always good to see in your results the hard work that you have invested. But beyond this, it also reflects our sincerest efforts to “Leave No Child Behind.” To maintain such excellence over ten years as we have done, ALL children must make and maintain progress. We are proud of ALL students who work to the best of their abilities either by earning a Level 3 or higher or significantly increasing their efforts over the previous year, regardless of the level.

The FCAT assessment is simply one day out of a child’s life. It in no way reflects all of that child’s talents, skills, abilities or potential. My teachers work very hard to develop and implement the best possible overall teaching practices to educate and nurture their children. This commitment is what brings us great results on the FCAT but more importantly is their passion for equipping students with the skills and knowledge that he or she needs to have success in life that is the true measure of our success as a learning community. When March 20th arrives and this year’s test is behind us, I know without hesitation that each of my teachers will continue to embrace each day and each student with the same commitment and passion that they have shown in the days leading up to our high stakes assessment.
Believing is just the beginning...

P.S. The puppies have arrived - all 8 of them!!! I finished the website, well... its published at least. I am still adding a few finishing touches, including pictures of the newborns. I think it is a pretty good first effort, and I am supremely proud that I taught myself something new. If you are interested check it out HERE.


Debbie Harbour said...

I am so glad to see the link! Went to add the comment before I even read today's post since I was thinking about those puppies being born on the weekend. The site looks great.

Lauren Werch said...

WOW! Puppies!? You sure know how to keep busy! I bet Miller is elated and your house is full of excitment and love- Congratulations and Best Wishes on the Business venture!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan,
Your puppy page is excellent. I love the graphic and of course the pictures of your beautiful dogs. I can't wait to show it to Madi, she wants to see the puppies so badly. I think she and Milly have been talking about Grits' babies. Milly is quite proud! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

First, the doggy home page is great. I never knew that GRITS was an acronymn, and a clever one at that. I did think that Chris was a MOPAR guy which makes the FORD name a bit tough to figure, but who am I to question.

As for the FCAT, (we call it the FPUG in our household--less stressful) it is a love-hate relationship. I love that it holds some accountable that otherwise would just go through the motions (NOT anyone at CCE). However, I hate the stress the kids feel. I hate the stress that my comrades feel and show. I really hate that it hasn't made one bit of difference in the big picture of education in our state. I guess that I feel relief when it's over, but I really feel relieved only after I get an email from high school from some former student that is on top of their game. If a kid has been at CCE since K, they have a 6 year jump start to a meaningful life. That I would call important beyond description.

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