Friday, October 16, 2015

Thursday Morning was BOSS!

Yesterday my awesome faculty threw a Boss' Day celebration for me.  Boss - what a strange thing to celebrate.  I actually feel completely uncomfortable when I hear the word.  Seriously, I look around when somebody calls me that to see who they are talking about.  In my mind it implies such a top down oppressive, demanding or authoritarian type relationship, something I definitely don't want to be a part of.  I actually looked the word up in Webster's dictionary - there are a lot of different meanings for the word boss. Now don't get me wrong I can totally BE bossy, it's a family trait, but for the most part the only definition I could or would want to relate to is the slang definition, which ironically means, excellent or first-rate. Now those two things I aspire to be every day! An example in context - those BOSS teachers at the Creek threw a BOSS breakfast with BOSS pumpkin doughnuts and BOSS cider for their lucky and thankful principal and then gave her a gas card, the most BOSS gift ever! PS - I also got this BOSS poster from my BOSS Extended Day peeps! Love it and them!


Maria Mallon & Cheryl Dillard said...

Glad you had a memorable Boss' Day at CCE - you deserve it!! JET

Dorry Lopez said...

All of the years that I have worked with you as my principal have been the best years of my teaching. Going to work every day is a complete joy! Chets Creek is a utopia, and your leadership has paved the way for the best place in the world to work and teach. Thank you for being such an awesome BOSS!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you had a memorable day. My kids all know you as the "Big Boss", because Carolyn Swidorsky is the "The Boss". For example, a child might ask, "When are we changing classes today?" I always respond, "I have to check with the boss."

If the kids ask, "Why do we have to sit in assigned seats at lunch?" I would say, "Because the Big Boss said so!" (even if it's not true, it goes over better that way)

At any rate, you rocked it like a BOSS on your day!