Friday, October 9, 2015

An Apple A Day Doesn't Always Keep the FLU Away!

Last week I was SICK! S. I. C. K. I rarely ever miss school due to illness but the flu bug jumped up and bit me hard last Monday and it took the entire week to recover physically and then this entire week to recover professionally!  It is amazing what you can miss in one day but in multiple days - yikes!  I greatly appreciate the patience of those around me as I have run double time to try and catch up.


Anonymous said...

I hate to read blog posts like this. Monday must have been really hard for you - first day back from sickness and your 12 hour day!!! With meetings with three groups of stakeholders!!! You're a trooper. Enjoy your family time this year and Go Tigers! (I can say that because you are not playing the Noles) -Karen Morris

Anonymous said...

If we were in the military, we would get hazardous duty pay to be sure. My doctor calls it a "herd environment". I am glad you are feeling better:-)