Monday, November 19, 2012

The Creek Cares

Tomorrow one of my precious teachers undergoes surgery for thyroid cancer. She's going to be fine but times like this are very trying and during the trying times is when the folks at the Creek show support in force. Between the faculty, staff and PTA Board members over $1000 was collected and presented to her this morning at a surprise breakfast. There is no more caring group of people on the planet and I am touched daily by their incredible spirit. Biggest lesson in school today...nothing is more important than for us to take care of each other, especially when we need it most!


Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...


The most important part of our RECIPE for success is RELATIONSHIPS. This COMMUNITY is a family. I almost feel like we have our own battle cry... Creekers UNITE!

Anonymous said...

I find myself lost for words. CCE does rally round those in need without exception. I just am so hopeful that all will be well.

Precious, loving, intelligent, unique...there is a lot to think about.

Chet the Eagle said...

So thankful for such a wonderful work family!