Thursday, November 8, 2012

Heart Beat...

Today did not go quite as planned...but then it often doesn't with 1250 students. During the middle of an observation I was called out for a medical emergency - for a student. Nothing will make your heart beat faster. I'm good in a crisis, I can quickly assess the situation, make decisions and stay calm. Today I was grateful to have a loving para, dedicated sub, experienced teacher and responsive front desk clerk with me. It took all of us to manage this. They handled it perfectly - the picture of true compassion. The child is fine and this principal's heart beats normally again.


Anonymous said...

I thought that the paramedics comments on similar situations at other schools was astounding. He said that half of the schools in cases like this don't even send someone with the child to the hospital. That's not right, and it sure is not what you get with the kind of folks here at CCE!



Lourdes said...

Grateful for all the folks that helped. Happy the child is ok . . and that your heart is beating normal again.