Friday, September 21, 2012

Celebrating Betsy!

Today we honored our Guidance Counselor, Betsy McCall, by celebrating her 5th Anniversary of being cancer free by holding a pink out. The day was finished by announcing that Betsy had also been chosen as our Teacher of the Year! Congratulations Betsy - you deserve it!!!


Anonymous said...

What a super-cool photo for super-cool person. I hate that I was out of the building, but I was there in thought.

Betsy ROCKS!



Anonymous said...

I love our school and love how you explained to the kids why we are all wearing pink at Flag Raising to all of the kids. We are a family and it's nice to celebrate the gift of health together. You teach them so many of the important things in life, Susan.


dayle timmons said...

So proud of our Betsy!