Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And on the Third Day...'re marked DNE, but only if you Did Not Enter school this year. Every year we lose a few students, most we know about ahead of time but inevitably a few just no show. We spend the first three days trying to track them all down. Some move, get picked up by magnet schools and occasionally some will leave for private school. It's the ones we can't ever locate that bother me most.


Anonymous said...

I was very happy to have no DNEs in my HR, and I have had no absentees so far. I am the happiest math teacher in all of the land!



Lourdes said...

What a shame to have "No Shows"! They're missing a GREAT meal! I've loved picking up attendance in the downstairs classroom and seeing the learning being cooked up already in just a few days.

Anonymous said...

The M&Ms are proud to say all 36 of ours have shown up this year! We have a great class!
I love your daily posts! Keep them coming!
-Karen Morris

Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...

I never considered the possibility of not being able to track a former student. DNE will now have a new meaning to me. I pray all the unreachable DNE students are safe and having a great start to a new school year.