Friday, April 11, 2008

Hurray for Superhero Haley!

What a perfectly fitting tribute each of you provided to our most extraordinary Teacher of the Year, Haley Alvarado, yesterday! I've known for an awfully long time how truly special Haley is, as a teacher and more importantly as a human, and it was perfect that we unmasked her greatness and exposed her powers to the world. It was no different last night when a group of 20 celebrated her achievement at the prestigious EDDY Awards. We were of course the loudest as we cheered for our Superhero Haley and also reveled in the grandeur of this event with all the teachers of the year from aross the county. I was proud yesterday and last night to be an educator and I am honored to know and work with our Haley. Congratulations on this most deserved honor!

It's bird, no a plane,'s Haley Alvarado (Jello Up!)

Believing is just the beginning...


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud to know Haley. She inspires me to be a better teacher and person. I love this entry because it spotlights a Chets Creek Hero and makes me smile!
Lori M.

Anonymous said...

Susan you are ABSOLUTEly right about Haley. She is, without any doubt, the person that most lives the changes in the world that others just talk about (I'm included in that group of talkers in a big way). The fact that she COORS so much for all humans does indeed make her special and super- heroic as well. I did not even know that she had FOSTERSed a new BUD, but that is lightning in a bottle. Can you imagine becoming a part of that family? You want to talk about your life-altering events,that's got to be the coolest thing ever! It should be EVERCLEAR to every one that we can all use Haley as an example of how one person can make big huge planet-enriching changes.

I hope someday to have the courage that Haley has everyday. She is an awesome representative of Chets and of the entire human race. As SAM ADAMS once said, "There's always room for Jell-O and Haley A.!" Perhaps, MILLER will grow to be another Haley?

Now, since I seem to be the only one that reads this, how are the puppies? Has Chris been fishing lately? How is the porch coming along?



dayle said...

I can't think of anyone who represents the Chets Creek spirit more than Haley Alvarado. The thing about Haley is that she is really a doer. I remember talking to her one time about teaching children to give back and saying to her that we had to be the change that we wanted to happen (not my original words). Next thing I knew she had organized the Lemonade stands for the kindergartners to work on raising money for childhood cancers and she has been the greatest cheerleader for the Relay for Life. That's just very small example of how she takes a thought and puts things into action. She is a role model for us all - a true Superhero! dayle