Friday, April 18, 2008

Making Professional Connections

As a professional development school we have helped to train 1000s of educators from around the globe. This week alone we hosted visitors from Neptune Beach, New Mexico and even China! We do this because we have a responsibility to share the great work that happens inside your classrooms with others - and hopefully impact learning for students that we may never even meet. The next logical step in our collegial learning journey is to share on the web, only this type of sharing can work to our advantage too. The internet provides a simple avenue for us to share information and get ideas in return. Setting the Standard is a website that has been setup to provide this type of networking for educators, willing to share, like us. Check this out from your home computer (as usual we are a little ahead of the curve - it's blocked at school) and consider sharing the great things you are doing with the world and see what your colleagues have already added.

Believing is just the beginning...

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Anonymous said...

Hi again. I could not look at the page as my sign on is "pending approval" (and I didin't even say anything inflamatory, and I am wearing clothes in my picture?). However, it is clear that sharing ideas via the web is essential. Heck, if guys can have 4,000 chat sessions about what piston to put in their '57 Chevy hot-rod, it seams to be clear that educating children should warrant the same availabilty of information, not to mention the same passion.

Seriously, If I want to know why my Tundra is running rough, I consult other Tundra guys on the web. Why wouldn't I share ideas about kids on the web, or gather ideas? This is kind of a no brainer, use it or fall behind.

By the way, you got two posts on the last blog (progress). Yes, T-Cubed is calling you out. Support your principal. She reads most of your emails.