Friday, March 28, 2008

dayle says it all!

I WAS born the year dayle started teaching but I learn more from working with her than I could ever put into words. This keynote touched me deeply and reminded me, just as she does every day, that this profession will never grow old for me. Thanks dayle!

Enjoy your Spring Break folks - you deserve it!

Believing is just the beginning...

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Anonymous said...

"WOW!", was just about all T-Cubed could say.

Dayle really is an impressive speaker. I am so glad that she gave the General plenty of praise. Same for Terri and Susan. It seems true that only those who risk are able to reap rewards.

I also think that it is important to remember Dayle's point about perceptions about negativity. One person may indeed be totally reluctant to try something new, but the person next to them may be the next Dayle Timmons, Angella Phillips, Rick Pinchot, Melissa Ross...

Last words, Dayle actually said the word MATH!!!!!