Friday, March 14, 2008

Hang On!!!

Only two more weeks before we can celebrate the conclusion of our high stakes accountability testing with a well deserved Spring Break! Reaching this pinnacle in the year is actually exhilarating as a little of the pressure we have felt turns to anticipation of the outstanding results to come. After Wednesday’s testing is complete enjoy the next week and a half wrapping up the third grading period with your students. The focus turns to preparing them for next year.

Believing is just the beginning...


Mrs.Lankford said...

Great Picture!

Anonymous said...

Can you say WAHOO? However, before we get out of high-octane full nitrous mode (ask Chris...), I want to make a prediction about FCAT Science. I predict that we kick major booty. Having taught science, a bunch, I have to say that the 5th graders this year are light-years ahead of years past.

Kristin, Patricia, and Carolyn have made awesome scientists out of our kids, which I don't mind. However, they also became the "fun" teachers, and that just ain't right. That used to be my domain. I guess I'll have to live with it? Anyway, these gals have rocked their way to stardom, pioneering a complete and new curiculum that works.

If you see them pat them on the back, as it has been hard work!