Friday, April 15, 2011

We've Got the Power! FCAT is NO SWEAT!

You know attitude really is EVERYTHING!  When our teachers and students really believe in themselves I know there is nothing that they can't do - and the FCAT is certainly the perfect example.  There is so much that rides on this high stakes assessment, whether we like it or not, but I really try hard to convince our students that because of the hard work they do EVERY school day that it really is just their opportunity to show the rest of the world what we at the Creek already know about them - they are the BEST!

Every teacher along the way has equipped every student in their care with the strategies it takes to succeed period, but especially during this testing week.  And as a result of our everyday work and expectations students were calm, confident and even excited.  Our younger students and their teachers adopted the older ones to support and motivate them with encouraging messages and creative snacks.  The resource team and support personnel wrote positive postcards to those that needed an extra boost.  I even decided to put my powers of positive persuasion into a sweatband for each student being tested and every teacher or proctor they would encounter by arming them with the message they hear from me over and over...

Our third and fourth graders are done and only fifth grade has Science left to take and I haven't worried for even one minute about the test - I hope my students haven't either.  At the Creek no extra antiperspirant is needed: FCAT - No Sweat! 


Anonymous said...

The week leading up to the FCAT was fun - our kids loved supporting the older kids. FCAT kids felt confident and knew the whole school was behind them. The sweatbands unifed us.
-Karen Morris

Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...

Like your song said…
Their teachers taught them the strategies; all they need is a three, but their goal is a five. They’re going to blow that FCAT because they truly are dynamite!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the kids are having more fun than I am. I know the plan was all about the kids, but I actually am enjoying this year's testing more than any other year.

Every aspect of the planning has reduced stress on all parties, and that has to boost performance.

Let me count the blessings:

A week of wearing strange things (loved it)!

Sponsored by: Timmons/Ruark Daniels/Barnhardt and Johnson (her kiddo is in my class)and a bunch of parents...that was my persuasive writing challenge for the year...the kids will have FCAT withdrawals!

Love the "No Sweat Bands"...

I even get to teach science to help out------sweeet!

Doing this as a memeber of an incrediblely cool 5th grade team has been perfect.



Mrs. Carolyn Swidorsky said...

Thank you so much for all your support this year. The Spirit Week was a wonderful addition to our CCE traditions - a real stress relief:o)
You have really helped to motivate all our students to do their very best and that it was/is "No Sweat" :o)

Mrs. Snead said...

I think we need to order extra tiles because they all said they made 5's!

Paul said...

"When our teachers and students really believe in themselves I know there is nothing that they can't do"

So true!

Paul Serra

Paul said...

"When our teachers and students really believe in themselves I know there is nothing that they can't do"

So True!

Paul Serra