Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Spirit Week at the Creek!

We have had such an exciting first here at Chets Creek Elementary this past wek. - our first ever Spirit Week.  The whole school participated this week as we celebrated the hard work our third, fourth and fifth grade students and teachers have put into preparing for the upcoming FCAT beginning next week.  I am so proud of our children already - this test next week is just the opportunity for them to show the rest of the world how brillant I already believe they are.  Our whole school rallied to help them enjoy the week instead of being uptight and nervous about this high stakes assessment.  On Monday we kept with our school theme and dressed like FARMERS.  On Tuesday we threw on all our funky colored clothes for MIS-MATCH day.  On Wednesday we fixed our hair in WACKY ways and wore our SILLY socks.  On Thursday we reached far back into our closets to find a CCE t-shirt, past or present, to show our school pride.  On Friday we all came dressed as our favorite SUPER STAR and celebrated all our special gifts and unique talents.  We also culminated the day with a PARADE and PEP RALLY where the teachers performed songs and dances of encouragement for the kids!! We even had a special visit from a former Creeker who is now a ROAR cheerleader for the Jacksonville Jaguars and her teammate to help us get pumped up. It's been such a fun, low stress week and I'm so proud of all our teachers and students for participating in the schoolwide celebration.


Anonymous said...

This week has been filled with support of each other - and we have had so much fun doing it!

Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...

It was a very fun week and a joy for me and my farm-tastic first graders to 'pump it up' during the parade.

Don't sweat it! We know they're "gonna rock this test" because their "teachers taught 'em the strategies" to "light it up like it's dynamite".

J. Shaffer said...

This was such a fun way to pump the students up for FCAT! Our second graders had a blast participating too. Our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are going to Rock the FCAT!!

Anonymous said...

It's been my kind of week! The kids had a blast, and I got to act even sillier than normal. Perfection!


Mrs. Carolyn Swidorsky said...

Thank you for the wonderful distraction - it was simple perfect:o)