Friday, November 7, 2008

What in the World is a Wiki?

One of our goals at Chets Creek is to make our work more visable and accessible. I decided to create a Book of the Month wiki to showcase the great work that goes on here at the Creek with our common piece of literature each month. What is a wiki? Watch this video for a quick and easy explanation:

For those risk takers that might be ready to play with a wiki of your own. Check out the tutorials here and stay tuned for the reveal of our very own Book of the Month wiki.



Mrs. Snead said...

Wow! Watching the video made me think about three of four different wikis I could use for the various things I do! Will have to start one.

Anonymous said...

OK, that seems simple enough. Who has the 411 on how to insure that wikis only get updated with appropriate materials? Is there a feature like the blog commentary moderation?

I can see about a million uses for a wiki, but I wouldn't want to propogate misconceptions.

I suppose that I should click on the links, duh! That way I can learn how to create a weally wicked wiki without worry (aliterwation!)!



Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing--love this. I'm now going to do a Standard Snapshot wiki, Grade 2 ELA wiki, and a Visitor's wiki. No need for more email! :)

Denise Evanko said...

Thanks for really encouraging us to blossom with our technology skills by challenging us to respond to the book. Going to the extra help after Early Release has been SO helpful. I discovered Photobucket and made my first slideshow! It is all about baby steps. What a neat tool to have. Thank you for always raising the bar.