Thursday, October 31, 2013

Evacuation Drill!

In just over 10 minutes today we moved an entire school - 1450 folks, the "bomb" bucket, and the entire clinic to our off site evacuation area. Our neighbors at Chets Creek Church welcomed us with open arms and a treat to return to school with. It went exceptionally well and we now know exactly what parts of the plan should be tweaked. I was a proud principal today - the kids were perfect!!


Mrs. Constande said...

The children were amazing! The plan seemed solid and well planned out for a first time drill. Such a leadership and support team! The church friends were so calming and inviting. I was a proud teacher and so thankful for my Chets Creek family.

Anonymous said...

Everything went so smoothly, and that happened only due to the enormous amount of planning that came before the drill.

I was really impressed by all of the kids, and the folks at the church were so kind :-)



Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...
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Mrs. Patricia Wallace said...

It was a beautiful day for a walk to visit our neighbor. A huge note of thanks to all little helpers behind the scenes for making this practice a smooth drill.

Maria Mallon & Cheryl Dillard said...

When we got back to the classroom the first words from one of the students was, "That was fun - when can we do that again." Not bad for an evacuation drill.MM