Friday, May 20, 2011

Help Us Help the ARC!

We just celebrated the first birthday of our Academic Resource Center at Portside with a huge party for the 234 students and 110 volunteers who have been through the doors for tutoring and outside of school support since it's opening. It is an incredible place, with enormous potential to change an entire community! We have developed great partnerships with American Residential Communities, the community owners, and Beach United Methodist Church that have helped us transform what was once only a dream into a growing and evolving reality. We have begun searching for ways to find funding to help support the programs being offered and are currently competing for a grant funded by Community First Credit Union which is looking to provide money to projects that help better the community. The ARC certainly fits the bill! Please help us win this opportunity by clicking "Like" on our submission on facebook.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! At a time when so much focus is centered on what is "wrong" with our educational system, it is so nice to see some light shed on what is so "right". A few dedicated folks can move mountains, and I can certainly log on to Face Book and click an icon.