Friday, October 15, 2010

The Blogging Challenge - Class Poll

Sometimes a blog post can be as simple as polling your class about a topic and then sharing the results.  It's fun to see what others think and discover the similarities and differences between us.  This week I polled my "class" (the teachers) to find out:

What was your favorite subject in elementary school?

Here's what the "class" had to say:

Julie - Reading
Liz - Reading
Danielle - Reading
Nina - Math/Science
Laura - Math
Debby - Reading
Michelle - Reading
JJ - Reading
Vicky - Reading/Writing
Brooke - Writing

First Grade
Patricia - Math
Toni - Music
Tracy - Science
Rebecca - Reading
Maria - History
Cheryl - Math
Debbie - Reading
Lauren - Reading/Writing
dayle - Algebra/Biology (yeah, right!)

Second Grade
Rachel - Reading
Heather - Writing
Karen - Social Studies
Lori - Science
Jessica - Reading
Kathi - English
Lauren - Math
Wanda - Writing
Christina - English
Laurie - Art
Debbie - Reading/Writing
Beth - reading

Third Grade
Lynn - Reading
Lindsay - Reading
Katie - Math
Randi - Reading
Melissa - Reading
Ashley - Writing
Denise - Science
Cindy - Math
Cheryl - Math
Tammi - PE
Christy - Writing
Melonie - Social Studies/Writing

Fourth Grade
Bridget - Math
Joe - Math
Angela - Math
Rick - Math
Meli - Reading
Christine - PE

Fifth Grade
Kristin - Social Studies
Tom - Social Studies
Terri - Reading
Sherrie - Recess
Carolyn - Science
Lauren - Math

Moe - Science
Suzanne - Math
Melanie - Reading
Betsy - Reading
Jen - Art
KK - Reading
DeeDee - Language Arts
Nikki - PE
Ray - Math
Jane - Recess
Joy - Math

It was so interesting to find out how many of our teachers are actually now teaching in the exact subject areas that were their favorite as children, and how many that aren't!  Some of the responses really surprised me and then others were exactly what I thought.  And as for has always been...READING!


Lee Ann Spillane: said...

I too ended up teaching my favorite subject, English. Funny how things work out that way.

Melanie Holtsman said...

I love reading and love teaching reading, but if I went back in the classroom I might want to try something new now!

Elaine said...

I am a school librarian and a voracious reader, but I hated reading class in school.

I could always read faster to myself than aloud and hated waiting on the rest of the class.

To this day, I hate to read out loud or be read to . . . audiobooks in the car are the one exception.

Anonymous said...

This is just plain fun; looking at things like which teachers picked recess. I am surprised that nobody said lunch!

There does seem to be quite a correlation (sp.?) between favorite subjects and teaching positions.

Thanks again. This was a fun read!


eduguy101 said...

All my life I loved math...and I became a math teacher. After 15 years in the classroom I changed jobs and am now a principal.

But I still love math!

Ms. Symons and Ms. Wickert said...

If I was totally honest, I would have answered none! I actually really disliked school all the way through (and wasn't very good at it because I put in no effort). I am still shocked I picked the career which would have me in school everyday!!!! The only thing I liked about school was that I got to play sports. Having older brothers who both shined in school (one was valvictorian...I can't even spell the word!) sports were the one thing I excelled at.

Maria Mallon & Cheryl Dillard said...

Living in Philadelphia my whole childhood and up until I was married, we were surrounded by history. Knowing that George Washington and Ben Franklin walked the same streets that I was walking always fascinated me. My first visit to the Betsy Ross' house all I remember was "how small the people were then" (small stairways and ceilings) and I was seven. Our teachers always told us how lucky we were to be living so near Valley Forge and the Delaware River. There was a lot of reading involved, but actually going to the places and being surrounded by history (Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Pennsylvania Hospital (founded by Ben F.) made it a favorite of mine. MM

Computer Kid said...

My favorite subject is Math

Parker Rossignol