Friday, September 24, 2010

You're in BIG Trouble...NOT!

Traditionally a trip to the Principals' office is not a good thing.  It happens as the end result of a poor choice made and at worst - a referral!  On Wednesday of this week eight anxious third graders entered my office unsure of why they had even been called to the office.  I immediately informed them they were there because they had a received a referral - a positive referral!  As part of our effort to create citizens of character we have implemented a Positive Recognition Referral at Chets Creek.   Teachers are encouraged to use them to acknowledge students who have:
_____A. Shown RESPECT for self and others: Is attentive and careful of others' feelings and stops and thinks before acting.
_____B. Shown RESPONSIBILITY: Brings appropriate materials and homework daily; has set a goal and has a plan to get there; decides what is important and does it.
_____C. Shown KINDNESS: Treats others the way he/she wants to be treated and cooperates with others.
_____D. Shown SELF-CONTROL: Is trustworthy; listens, follows directions, and chooses to do what he/she knows is the right choice.
_____E. Shown a POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Looks for the best in self and others.
_____F. Has shown GREAT IMPROVEMENT in: _______________________________!
The actions I may take include verbal acknowledgement with the students, phone contact with the parents or public acknowledgement in the school.  I loved talking with this first group of students about how they ended up in my office - no one fretted or cried and no dreaded phone calls were made.  In fact, we celebrated their outstanding displays of character and everyone left with a big smile on their face and a one of a kind "My Principal is Proud of Me!" pencil.  I can't wait for the the next student to get a refferal - the Principal's Office may never be the same again!


JJ Brown said...

I am so excited about this! This is my favorite part of the Schoolwide Behavior Plan. Thank you for continuing to support the teachers, and even more so for supporting our children. What a fun part of your job.

Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

Very cool! Like a breath of fresh air!

Angela Phillips said...

Love this initiative! Great motivator for kids too!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Truly, if we did send all kids that are doing great things, your door would never close. "Bad" gets more press, but "Good" always rules the day!