Friday, January 22, 2010

My New Best Friend

For months my husband has been trying to convince me to get an iPhone. He jumped on the bandwagon right after they came out. I was a BlackBerry girl - and contrary to popular opinion - I am adverse to change. Really. He was ready to buy me one over a year ago and instead I opted for the BlackBerry Curve. Over the past year all my "crackberry" friends began dropping off and into an Apple world. Even though I don't relish change I am ususally ahead of most on the technology curve, not behind and around October I started noticing that my BB just wasn't cutting it. Over Winter Break this year I joyfully retired my BB and got the 3Gs!! Now I could kick myself repeatedly for EVER waiting this long. The iPhone is changing my life...literally! No more camera, iPod, phone all taking up valuable sapce in my purse, all my social networks are available at my fingertips, managing my calendar and email is a piece of cake, even my household grocery list has been revolutionized! I am thoroughly enjoying exploring all the possibilities and positively obsessed with finding great new apps. What are your favorites?


Anonymous said...

I recently bought an HP Mini Netbook. It is the cutest little laptop! It is very small and portable. I love it!

Michelle Ellis & Debby Cothern said...

I must agree with you completely! I also changed to the iphone world over the winter holidays. I must admit that my twelve year old (who does not have one) has tutored me so that I can operate it. "AroundMe" app is very useful especially when you are out of town and "PaperToss" is a great app for fun. Oh the little things in life!

dayle timmons said...

SaiSuke - It's not free but it syncs my iGoogle calendars with my phone and that is worth a million!

Couldn't live without YellowPages which is just the Yellow pages at your fingertips and Showtimes which identifies the movie theatres nearest me and then gives all the movies, times and a summary!

I know this sounds like I know what I'm doing but actuallyy I just get whatever Melanie tells me I would like!

Julie said...

I have to agree with dayle! Melanie turned me onto SaiSuke also and I can't live without my colored coded life! Must have!

I love CardStar where you can store all those annoying cards that I used to carry on my key chain.

I just got "Lose it!" an app to record my daily calorie budget and my exercise. I'll let you know how that one goes...

Good Luck and ENJOY!!

Beth Roberts said...

I live the iPhone! I have eonline which I love and unblock me is a great game!

Angela Phillips said...

My iphone is attached to me 24/7. Melissa and Suzanne told me I would get addicted to it if I got one and they were SO RIGHT! It is my photo album with kid pictures, my camera, my Facebook status updater, my weather tracker, my newspaper, my alarm clock, my calculator when I am grading papers, my ipod, my texter, my GPS (which I need a lot as I can get lost in my own neighborhood as my husband would say), my email tracker (very important), my calendar, my kid-sitter (Jack and Josh have downloaded lots of game apps. and stay very entertained while waiting for dinner to come while at restaurants- also very important), and my latest addiction- my Planner. I have "note" pages for Groceries to buy, To-Do's at Home, School Goals, and more. So no matter where I am, if a goal pops in my head, I plug it in so it won't be forgotton. When at the grocery store, Jack loves to "delete" items off the shopping list as they are thrown in the shopping cart, and when the list is gone, we are DONE! What in the world did I ever do before my iphone? I could NEVER go back. Completely spoiled!!!! I have been told that my next career needs to be i-phone salesperson because I rave about it all the time. Do you believe me? :-)

Ann Carnevale said...

My two favorite apps have nothing to do with education.

"I Need Stuff" is a great app for grocery shopping. URL to info on it:

The other one I love is Shazam. It "listens" to a song playing, then returns information with song title and artist. You can then download the music from iTunes.

I can't imagine not having an iPhone now, it's basically my computer and everything all in one, on the go. Oddly enough, the only thing I can't do with my iPhone is make a phone call from my house... we live in a wooded area w/little to no cell signal!

T-Cubed said...

Uh, I don't even have a QWERTY phone. So, I guess I have no business leaving a comment. So thanks for making feel just that little bit more lame and antiquated :-}



Melissa Ross said...

My favorite Apps are
1. Loopt (Shows where all of my iphone family and friends are and what they are doing)
2. Pandora (radio)
3. Drudge Report (news)
4. Rock Band (Yes, it's just as much fun on the phone)
5. Bump (trade contact info with someone by "bumping" phones together)
6. and Enews! (Gotta have the gossip!)

You can also bookmark your favorite websites onto the home screen if there are certain ones you like that there are no apps for. (Glad to see that Angela is addicted!)

Meli Launey said...

I am waiting (not too patiently) for my family to finish their Sprint contracts so that I can get on a family plan at AT&T...its way cheaper that way. So jealous!!!

Melanie Holtsman said...

I have had so much fun talking apps with lots of new iphoners this week! We probably need to have a chat in the Bloggers Cafe about apps! :)

Ms. Symons and Ms. Wickert said...

Still a blackberry girl here. Not sure I will switch.....although boyfriend told me through his business advertising with At&t he was offered a free one with service included so may snatch that from him.
My favorite technology is my satellite radio. I cannot live without it. I have the one that is in my car but I remove it and I can use it at the gym, pool, beach, anyplace I can get internet. I love my Sirius - katie

Mrs. Snead said...

I have a new little noteboook from Verizen.....Love it!

JJ Brown said...

I love mine there is an app that works on letters and sounds, they can even trace the letters with their fingers, I have even used mine with students.

Karen Willett said...

I like ShopShop, great for making my shopping list. Yelp for looking for that place to shop. Urbanspoon for shakin up the best place to eat and Earth Cam to check out what going in different parts of the world!
All Free.