Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Streams of Conscientiousness and Kindness Continued...

Many of you have asked about the Seasons of Giving Projects that our classrooms participated in. Classrooms donated the proceeds from their holiday auctions, while others participated in can or supply drives. Many classes picked the same recipients. Here's a rundown of the many who were helped.

Never have I seen a more generous offering to help those less fortuante and in need. Our students truly learned how to give back to their community. I am so very proud of them! No matter what holiday you celebrate I hope it is a beautiful one, full of fun, family and love.


T-Cubed said...

I agree! The giving was certainly tangible as was the uplifting feeling that goes along with giving. I truly believe that children benefit hugely from walking in "another's mocasins", and adults do have a responsibility to demonstrate and encourage empathy and charity (I have no idea why there is a bad perception of that last word-charity).

Peace to all,


Dorry Lopez said...

Our 4-corner team of students generously collected 465 cans, bags, boxes of food for the hungry and over 200 items for the Humane Society! We are truly proud of their generosity and opening their hearts to those in need.