Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chicago: Here I Come!

Duval County Public Schools recently underwent the district accreditation process by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Counsel on Accreditation and School Improvment (SACS CASI). It was an excellent process for reflection of our successes and in planning the next steps to prepare students for the global workplace. During the visit I was invited by the committee chair, Dr. Nikki Armato, to present the incredible work we do at Chets Creek of creating and sustaining professional learning communties for all stakeholders at their 2009 AdvancEd Annual Conference. The conference is being held in Chicago and I really look forward to hearing from other educators about the extraordinary things being done to create environments of change and improvement for students. I will be blogging the conference on Live From the Creek. Be sure to check in on my adventures (I think they are calling for snow one day) and to find out about the new strategies shared that will "Shape the Future of Learning".



KK Cherney said...

I can't wait to learn from your travels. We will be cheering for you.

Ashley Russell said...

Chicago is a great city! Lots of shopping! I hope your time is fulfilling at the conference and outside of it! :)

Anonymous said...

I too hope that you enjoy the Windy City. I also know that you do not need any help telling our story, but...If I had a chance, I'd say that everything hinges on relationships (and the time to use them), finding and creating life-long learners (again, the time to enhance learning must be a non-negotiable), and finding joy in perspiration (sounds yucky, but is necessary).

I am sure you will be more eloquent than me. So, have fun ,and preach on sister ;-}