Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tis the Season to Give Thanks

Today's isn't actually a post but more of a thank you note. A thank you to the finest faculty and staff in the world. I am so fortunate to work with the best group of people anywhere. Thank you so much for your dedication to children and to our work at Chets. Each year as I take the beautiful Christopher Radko ornaments out of their special box and hang them on my tree I am reminded of the many gifts you share with me and our children each and every day. So many memories are wrapped up with each special ornament you have gifted me. This year's beautiful castle is sure to be no exception, each time I look at it for year's to come I'll be reminded of our dream journey together and of the magical things we managed to accomplish. I hope to see you all tonight as we celebrate as a family!

Believeing is just the beginning...


Chief Singum Song said...

You're welcome!

Steve and I can't make it tonight. He had a prior commitment and Zac had an allergic reaction to something he ate at a friend's house today. The epi-pen was in my hand had the Benedryl not done the trick.

Have fun tonight.

Dee Dee

T-cubed said...


Thanks for letting us invade your home last night. I think everyone had a blast. I know that I did (and so did my spouse, who is now known as "old jell-o head"!!!).

The party was in stark contrast to the corporate parties that I have to attend from time to time. At those parties, there is no feeling of family. Where as, at your party, it really is just like a family gathering (including waiting for those last pesky family members to leave-this year that was me!).

Please tell Chris thanks for all that he did, poured drinks, talked jeeps, talked huntin', told us about the homeless pigs...He's a cool guy.

I apologize for the actions of those obnoxious Gator fans, but they are what they are. DH, this is meant for you!

It was also very nice to see you out side of our work relationship. You are a great hostess. I can't wait to see the addition to the porch, especially the hot-tub, and yes, I do have a bathing suit ready.


Cothern/Ellis said...

You see something new each time you watch that video.