Thursday, November 8, 2007

One Week - Two Dreams Realized!

The Chets Creek Kingdom sure has been one magical place this week. I received an excited phone call Sunday from Valerie Taylor, last year's PTA President, about the Florida PTA Convention our delegation had just been attending. As it turns out our PTA was awarded two of the three highest, and only, awards distributed by the Florida PTA this year! Not only can we claim the honor of PTA of the Year for Duval County for the third year in a row but now we can celebrate the fact that we have earned the title Florida PTA of the Year!!!!! We were also awarded the Membership Award for the state. And by the way that third award we didn't get this year - we won last year for our Outstanding Program the BUDs Club! I don't know about you but I am so proud of the parental involvement at Chets and find myself in awe daily of the incredible leadership shown by our PTA Board. We're taking over - next stop - the world!!!!

Tonight I was a part of another incredible opportunity for parents. The ESE team held their annual Parent Night with sessions aimed at educating parents about how to work with and understand their exceptional children. Last year we played with the idea of having a Parent Informational Night for our Hispanic parents. Spanish speaking students are our most rapidly growing ethnic group. Tonight it happened! Over 35 of these parents turned out to ask questions and provide insight on ways in which we could support them as a school community. It was a fabulous learning experience for me. Armed with three of our interpreters I was able to initiate that all important personal contact with a group of delightful and dedicated parents who want the absolute best education for their children, our children. I look forward to meeting with this group again and to brushing up on my Spanish!

Creer es justas el principio...

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Anonymous said...

We loved reading your blog for last week. It is so exciting to be recognized for your work.
Debby and Michelle